August, 2008 – Florida Film Institute Hosts Professional Scriptwriting Workshops.


Erika Arriola / Jorge Martinez
The Conroy Martinez Group

Miami, FL – August, 2008

Dear friends and colleagues:

This year, the Florida Film Institute (FFI) kicks off its 16th season. Since 1992, FFI has mentored over 4,675 Miami-Dade and Broward County students through its CINEMA, Cinematographers in Education and Media Arts, program in local schools and community centers. Our student films have been recognized over 30 times by the Film Festival awards including national, regional and local awards. Click here to see a selection of the award winning films.

Imagine having had the opportunity to shoot a film while in middle school or high school? CINEMA does just that by providing an empowering hands-on experience for students, offering them the opportunity to make their own films. The focused workshops provide an in-depth look at: script writing, location shooting, cinematography, acting on screen, lighting, directing, editing, sound, wardrobe and makeup. It allows the young participants to explore the creative process of cinema as a means to increase self-esteem and develop decision-making skills necessary in any profession.

You can help make the dream of making a movie a reality for a teenager today with as little as $25. As the only organization in Florida that provides a program for students to write, produce and direct their own films, FFI offers a unique experience that will more than likely change their lives. Your donation to the Florida Film Institute is an investment towards the development of a young adult and possibly the next Steven Spielberg.

Click here to make your contribution today.

Thank you in advance for your support to the Florida Film Institute!


Stephanie Martino-Rizzi
Director of Development