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2021 – 2022

Honor Roll Boys 09:19

After his principal offers him a letter of recommendation to Yale, a gifted senior in high school considers becoming a whistleblower in a student-run fighting ring.

Produced By Roxanna Peña
Directed By Adrian Gonzalez
Written By Adrian Gonzalez
Edited By Daniel Hernandez

The Life Of Nobody 05:46

Sparrow Amon, starts her day off at the café and leaves without paying for her coffee. She enters Ms. Soria’s class and the teacher assumes she is a new transfer student, but she’s been in her class for the past 6 1⁄2 months. Sparrow seems increasingly annoyed that no one can remember her, but it is not their fault. Class begins and Ace Hardy, a new student, walks in… Perhaps Sparrow has found the first person to remember her in a long time.

Produced By Kaliyah Cherubin
Co-Directed By Gabriela Maldonado-Isaacs, Eli Vargas
Written By Gabriela Maldonado-Isaacs
Edited By Daneelia Dalrymple

Rewind Thirty 08:57

After being sent back in time through a camcorder used in a series of theatrical murders, Detective Hernandez must come face to face with the man behind the murders in one show-stopping finale involving life, death and insanity.

Produced By Ngoc Le
Directed By Luciano Peschiera
Written By Luciano Peschiera
Edited By Sofia Cruz

Grandpa’s Ghost 08:19

After the loss of his grandfather, a boy receives his grandfather’s antique watch. He believes he knew all about his grandfather, but his secrets soon come to surface.

Produced By Insonimaniak Films
Directed By Wille Floweres Jr., Fedor Karmantus, Natalie Mieses, karina Santarmaria, Jireh Stokes + Jonathan Fernandez
Written By Jireh Stokes

Internet 09:02

A man invents the internet with the help of an otherworldly force. But he soon learns that not all is what it seems.

Produced By Net Demon Films
Directed By Carlos Cordoba, Daniel Bombino, Sophie Santamaria, Michael Cadena, Jacob Kerzner + Matias Cabello-Del Boccio
Written By Giorgia Campesato

2020 – 2021

Astoria 07:25

A small fairy gets trapped in a glass jar by a human girl, and in an unexpected twist of events ends up finding herself a victim of unrequited love.

Produced By Rachel Vazquez + Valerie Yagudaev
Directed By Delta Flores
Assistant Director Valerie Yagudaev
Written By Veronica Cadeño
Edited By Delta Flores

Reality Check 08:38

In the future, virtual reality has taken itself to the next level. It has become so realistic, that the line between what’s real and what’s fake has disappeared. It is up to Agent Taarank to save 3 people that have gone too far, before it’s too late…

Directed By The Perfect Twelve
*this was a collaborative directing effort by the summer film camp students – all of whom were in quarantine when this project was created

A Gift For You 09:43

After forgetting a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend, a young film lover travels to different movie worlds to build the perfect gift for her.

Directed By:
Amelia Reyes, Segments #1 and #5
Lucas Fernandez, Segment #2
Kevin Perez, Segment #3
Jan Suarez, Segment #4

Tempus Mortis 08:00

With his last seven minutes of life remaining, a man has to fight off his memories and accept his death. It all changes when he realizes he was not only responsible for his own death, but for a loved one too.

Directed By Emilio Moreno

Daisy 05:32

When a young girl goes missing, her best friend Anastasia tries to find her however mysterious daisies keep appearing throughout her house making her realize just exactly who took her friend.

Directed By Megan Perez + Sam Rodriguez

Breaking Entertainment 08:23

Two siblings can’t help but fight over a TV controller, but their overactive imaginations elevate their feud to fantastical proportions; enough to slowly and surely reveal to each other that the entertainment they constantly consume is the one thing denying them the happiness they long for.

Directed By Enzo Trujillo

2019 – 2020

Grey 04:29

A young woman who wants to belong is confronted by two different reflections of herself who want her to be like them.

Directed By Julio Medina

Viva La Revolution 09:22

A passionate group of rebels decide that they must overthrow the president…of their high school.

Directed By Savannah Moore

Next Of Kin 10:40

Two years after their parents fatal car crash, siblings Alex and Sam are having a hard time adjusting. Older sister Alex works a dead-end job and Sam can’t stay awake for school. They’re unable to confront each other about their feelings toward their situation, instead choosing to isolate. Together, they realize, it is the only way they can accept their emotions and move forward.

Directed By Elias Ochoa

Got Well Soon 09:14

A troubled teen boy named Alex has just been released from the hospital. He returns to school and has to cope with everyone knowing about his situation. A run-in with a bully allows him to meet Jamie, a timid asthmatic kid. Alex finds out that Jamie has also been bullied by the same person and together they encourage one another to face their obstacles.

Directed By Bianca Rivera

Giving Up The Ghost 09:08

Reagan Jones, an eccentric and socially awkward high schooler, is preparing for her school’s annual talent show. What was supposed to be her one shot at impressing her crush, Jordan Mills, turns sour when Reagan’s opening act goes horribly wrong. Turns out, raising the dead is much harder than you think!

Directed By Andrea Roa

She’s A Rainbow 09:39

Lina, a teenage girl at Croqueta Central, lives in a topsy-turvy reality where she is unlike most other boys and girls–she is straight. When Lina receives a romantic message from Sky, an anonymous straight boy at the school, she will be forced to confront her family and classmates in order to save the spring dance and live her truth.

Directed By Leila Alvaredo

2018 – 2019

A-N-N-A 09:21

In this romantic comedy an awkward teenage boy takes great and often embarrassing measures to catch the attention of a girl in a library, but must avoid being thrown out by the strict librarian.

Directed By Julio Medina

Straight-ish 07:48

Lee is a young girl who has a strained relationship with her father. Fortunately, she gets along with her older brother, Kendrick. Some time has passed since the two have seen each other. One day, Lee encounters an issue and needs Kendrick. The two have always been too stubborn for their own good. Yet, they have always been truthful to one another. This might give Lee the extra push to accomplish her goals, including accepting her sexuality.

Directed By Nicholas Horne

Satisfied 03:29

Anton cannot stop thinking about the girl he loves while spending a regular day at school with his classmates. “Satisfied” performed by Jordan Solomon.

Directed By William Valle

2017 – 2018

Tuned In 09:56

“Cut through the static to learn the truth”… When Nora finds an old transistor radio in a donations box, she is suddenly able to tune-in to the innermost thoughts and feelings of her friends and classmates. What she learns about them changes her life. What she learns about herself could stop a killer!

Directed By Marta D’Ocon

Primo 06:02

When the mind is surrounded by negative thoughts and painful memories it will try to comfort itself. Primo is the story of a boy’s relationship with his imaginary friend that seems to do more harm than good. Primo isn’t the best influence, but who else does he have?

Directed By Aidin Flores + Adianet Lopez

Heart Strings 03:07

A woman in a toxic relationship is set free.

Directed By Marysleisis Buitrago

2016 – 2017

The Production 12:05

Joel is a little stern when bad stuff happens. For example, his last film tanked and he has the studio behind him for his next Big one. But no matter the challenge, he is very ambitious on making a successful film.

Directed By Cristina Sotomayor

Laura 06:06

Dr. Saint Claire has troubled patient in need of her help named Laura. She believes someone is stalking and fears for her life. Is she really in trouble or is it all in her mind?
Will Dr. Saint Claire be able to reach Laura before it is too late?

Directed By Liamela Perez-Faye

2015 – 2016

The Candidate 13:24

The intricacies of a student government election.

Directed By Parvati Santos

What Are Your Desires 04:01

This film is about how some of the things we need or “desire” in our lives, something as common as water, can give a person joy.

Directed By Jose Cana

Countdown 06:52

Michael Gemelli has the ability to see countdowns above other people’s heads, indicating how long they have left until they die. One day he follows a girl with a dangerously low countdown, and ends up finding himself in a room full of people with the exact same time left on their countdowns.

Directed By Valeria Hansen

2014 – 2015

S-Laughter 09:01

Directed By Manuel Oppel del Rio

Underground Artist 09:20

In the not so distant future where the Ministries totalitarian regime controls all, Edmund an extraordinary student, joins a mysterious group of his fellow students on a journey. He hopes they can all discover what has been missing from their lives.

Directed By Javier Rojas

Match.Kom 06:56

The fairy-tale world is turned upside as a naive princess is kept away from the ‘evils’ of the Internet by her overbearing father, King Nathaniel. But with the help of a trusted servant, she soon meets her perfect prince online only to learn the perfect ‘prince’ may not be so perfect after all.

Directed By Abigail Garcia + Sophia Pinillos

Simple Steps 09:01

The is an emotional and surreal story about a teenager named Nathan, who shapes his world through daydreams, all while trekking through the struggles of high school.

Directed By Matt Martinez

Curiosity At Best 07:09

A group of highschoolers decide to break into the school after hours to investigate random supernatural occurrences after the recent death of a student… but as the night draws to a close, they learn the occurrences may not be random after all.

Directed By Zindia Lopez

2013 – 2014

Jarred 07:14

Eleanor a young woman who is suffering from memory loss, has surrounded herself in her bedroom with thousands and thousands of yellow glass jars. She is trying desperately to hold on to her thoughts.

Directed By Maylin Enamorado

Mad World 08:07

A dark drama about a freshman in high school who has just endured a tragic car accident involving his parents, his brother and himself. There is a lot of fluctuation between the coma and real world, but who is alive and who has perished.

Directed By Fanny Martin

Sorry Brah 07:42

Chris is a normal teenager trying to survive the ins and outs of high school. One day, an innocent encounter with Mike, the school bully, turns into a major misunderstanding. Now, Chris and his friend will have to think, talk, hide, and run their way out of this very strange day.

Directed By Christian Abreu

2012 – 2013

Frauds 05:55

A sarcastic teenager, otherwise known as Danny, is dragged into the typical teenage party. A party filled with stupidity, unnecessary drama, and, to put it lightly, complete and utter chaos. Danny tries his hardest to deal with his friends’ “problems”, until his mind eventually drifts off into his own little fantasy, only to be brought back to the dreaded reality. His seemingly futile effort to find his girlfriend Layla among the party goers is the only reason why he doesn’t just get up and leave. With a dramatic ending and a ridiculous amount of accused cheating, this parody of a teenage movie is the look into the life of an average teenager that is full of comedy and drama.

Directed By Ryan Haney

The Janitor 10:48

Calvin Dooley, a high school student, has become a target for Troy Cannon. After getting picked and bullied, a janitor takes a stand and helps Calvin boost his confidence. Troy’s girlfriend, Lucy Stuart is a long-time friend of Calvin. As the Winter Talent Show approaches, Calvin tries to get in contact with her by signing up to play the guitar in the show.

Directed By Mateo Lopez

Silence 08:30

Fitting in during high school is tough. Every day is a battle for social survival and anything that makes you different can keep you on the outside looking in. Like most kids his age, Kyle is just trying to find his place in the world. He wants to make friends, maybe even meet a girl, and bring people into his world. But he is different. He lives in a world of Silence.

Directed By Ruelle Fludz

Vanished 09:52

Blake and Oliver have been best friends since childhood. One day, Blake has an unpleasant surprise for Oliver; Oliver is now engulfed with anger, Oliver’s little sister gets involved now, and a search to find her brother is of the essence.

Directed By Jeffthe Sebea

Gone 08:20

While serving a Saturday detention, one by one seven students start mysteriously disappearing. Nobody knows why they’re disappearing or what the reason is, and as the hour ticks by, they soon start to realize one thing: nobody is safe. Who is the kidnapper? Why are they disappearing? Will they ever be found?

Directed By Camila Cordoves

2011 – 2012

The Host 06:31

A mystery/suspense thriller about a group of students who are invited to a party, but not everything is what it seems.

Directed By Julio Montesino

The PURR 12:26

Mickey and Jesse are business rivals in the competitive world of music entertainment. But Mickey has an ace up his sleeve and her name is Cleo, a singer with the voice of an angel. Mickey names his club, The Purr, after her because everyone says her voice “purrs” with emotion. Jesse, however, comes with an offer Cleo may not be able to resist. What will happen to Mickey and The Purr if Cleo leaves? That answer emerges from a very unexpected source.

Directed By Gabrielle Ibanez

Serves Up 11:16

All Adam wanted to do was impress a girl with a school prank. But like usual the prank went wrong. The school was in ruins, the students sick and the principal wanted answers. Does the prankster get caught? Does he get the girl?

Directed By Franco Gutierrez

I Sell Chocolates 12:15

It’s senior year for four high school friends and they realize that it will be quite expensive. Desperate for cash, they seek the help of the most notorious syndicate in school and engage in the profitable business of selling… chocolates. Little do they know that this deal is not as sweet as they first envisioned.

Directed By Felipe Castilla

The Vault 09:21

The vault is the classic tale of redemption for detective Funkhouser. After tremendously failing a previous case, he must now redeem his reputation or leave the scene.

Directed By Christian Peskin

2010 – 2011

The Final Chapter 13:39

Twins Marc and Jane Austen had the perfect brother sister relationship. Having had a lifelong dream of becoming a writer one day, she enters the talent show and invites Marc to it, hoping that the piece she has written will finally permit them move past the strain on their relationship.

Directed By Carlos Julian

Second Chance 08:52

Directed By Shania Fair

2009 – 2010

The Clean Up 08:55

Directed By Melanie Zardoya

Cry of the Cobra 10:01

Directed By Alexander Linares

2008 – 2009

Peter Pans Hook’s Revenge 09:49

Directed By Alec Kreisberg

Jacob’s Compass 13:13

Directed By Derek Randolph

Brain Juice 10:04

Directed By Chaad A. Robinson

Final Encore 08:55

This film is about a teen who is dying from Leukemia. His name is Jonas and he has two Best Friends Violet & Sebastian. One night they go through Jonas’ bedroom window and decide to take him out for the best night of his life.

Directed By Edward Denis

2007 – 2008

Bop It Out 08:07

A dance contest sets the backdrop for this short film. Who will win the prize money?

Directed By Crystal Pinder

Don’t Drop By 08:42

When Isaac’s mom leaves on a business trip she says “Don’t get arrested”. Simple enough for somebody staying home alone. However with his neurotic best friend Ivan, a job-robbing cousin, a nearly dead grandpa, an egotistical sister, her actor ex-boyfriend, and an overly dedicated security guard knocking on his door, all hell is ready to break loose. Needless to say, Isaac is in for the longest day of his life.

Directed By Brian Delgado + Ramses Alvarez

Stargazer 09:03

Danny, Nate, Nevaeh and Andrea meet by the fountain, why discussing the current affairs related to the world around them i.e. health care and crime in our cities. Each has a different idea on what they would do if they were elected President of the U.S.A. Let’s see who will get up and do something!

Directed By Laventure Alix + Christopher Richardon

Plan B 08:13

Is about a girl named Katherine ‘Kat’ Miller who is focused on her basketball skills and is not very interested in social life. She wants to go college and is very focused on school. Kat’s best friend is Alicia ‘Maddie’ Madison, a girl who loves the spotlight and is boy crazy. Maddie devises a plan to catch the eye of a particular boy named Kyle but Kyle is more interested in Kat. Tension stirs up between the two friends which leads up to a big altercation.

Directed By John Banamy + Imani Richardson

2006 – 2007

Horror High 07:46

Directed By Naun Nunez

2005 – 2006

Twisted Fate 10:45

Directed By Sepabra Brathwaite

Brother’s Keeper 08:13

Two friends from the hood find out what it takes to learn the hard way about life and its choices.

Directed By Jacobi Clarke

A New Love 04:38

Martinique, a girl from the hood is trying to get ahead in school and Adam has agreed to help tutor her. Adam makes plans with Martinique after school but things don’t go as planned.

Directed By Jabari Payne

2004 – 2005

Safe 09:02

From the mind of a sole survivor comes the chilling tale of “Safe” or rather the lack of it. A fairytale night in the life of four teenagers turns into a once in a lifetime horror.

Directed By Jonathan Juarez + David Leyte-Vidal

Unauthorized 10:57

Directed By William Acosta

2003 – 2004

Disgruntled 07:02

Directed By Mohammed Oosman

2001 – 2002

Initiation 07:45

Directed By Jose Cabrera

9 eleven 07:34

Directed By Miguel Alvarado

1999 – 2000

Born To Die 09:18

Directed By Brandis LaShai Seward

Broken Promises 13:48

Directed By Arnold Musgrove

1997 – 1998

Don’t Leave Me 05:14

Directed By Thomas Lightbourne

1996 – 1997

Nicky and Kevin 11:16

Directed By Simoze Dorleans

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