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Behind The Scenes

Aragon Valley 03:23
2023 – 2024

A comedy about a group of friends who all get a sudden invitation to watch a new movie, Aragon Valley. One of their friends is mysteriously found dead at the theater. Five suspects and one incompetent detective. Will the case be solved?

Produced By Francesca Tebet Ferrer
Directed By Amy Chacon + Olivia Roldan
Assistant Directors: Gabriela Barreto + Ethan Kleinman
Written By Gabriela Barreto, Alejandro Castillo, Bianca Ceballos, Amy Chacon, Jennifer Fonseca, Audrey Linder, Olivia Roldan + Francesca Tebet Ferrer

Knees 02:34
2023 – 2024

Andres, a boy with Cuban roots travels to Cuba for the summer, there he meets an old friend Carlos, a boy who is a product of his environment. The two catch up with one another slowly revealing, through unspoken words, that Carlos dug himself into new trouble – but this time he might not be able to claw his way out.

Produced By Luna Santos
Directed By Sebastian Ames + Rivky Lobel
Assistant Director David Arango
Written By Sebastian Ames, Rivky Lobel + Daniel Sirgado

Acceptance 03:12
2022 – 2023

Directed By Clara Custodio, Robert Collings, Bryce Dicksin, Pamela Fuentes + Ray Lanza

Cabana 02:21
2022 – 2023

Bella, a young dancer at a cabana, feels very nervous about her first night on the job. Her boyfriend, Claudio, a bartender at that same cabana, tries his hardest to encourage her and make sure she doesn’t give up on her dream of being a professional dancer. However, everything goes south when Richard, someone from Claudio’s past who had conflict with him, shows up threatening to end their relationship.

Directed By Natalie Rodriguez

Canvas 02:58
2022 – 2023

Tired of after school detention, two students discover a dirty truth about their teacher. Their way out wraps them in a conspiracy that they could never have foreseen.

Directed By Tomas Coghlan

Extra 01:55
2022 – 2023

When a popular schoolboy named Jake gets his life turned upside down, he must confront his past mistakes with a girl who saved his life. Will he be able to overcome it, or will he shrink and let his fears consume him?

Directed By Angelica Ricardo

Faillite 03:08
2022 – 2023

A boy who winds up in an underground casino to be willing to enter a game of life or death to help his suffering father.

Directed By Andrea Rivas, Sophia Santamaria + Gia Wong

Imputation 02:28
2022 – 2023

Quinn and Elias, high school seniors, are noticing missing children’s posters around the school. The two boys talk about their experience of meeting a new student, Albert, but notice that they have met two opposite sides of him, leading the boys to be entangled in a spiral of suspicion and intense confrontation.

Directed By Sofia Cejas

Survivor’s Remorse 01:38
2022 – 2023

Henry must go to his old school to face his faceless follower to perceive his deepest feeling regarding a past tragedy, with his mental health hanging on a thread if he doesn’t complete this all the way

Directed By Annette Arias + Gustavo Garay

Reality Check 05:01
2020 – 2021

In the future, virtual reality has taken itself to the next level. It has become so realistic, that the line between what’s real and what’s fake has disappeared. It is up to Agent Taarank to save 3 people that have gone too far, before it’s too late…

Directed By The Perfect Twelve
*this was a collaborative directing effort by the summer film camp students – all of whom were in quarantine when this project was created

Grey 05:01
2019 – 2020

A young woman who wants to belong is confronted by two different reflections of herself who want her to be like them.

Directed By Julio Medina

Next Of Kin 01:11
2019 – 2020

Two years after their parents fatal car crash, siblings Alex and Sam are having a hard time adjusting. Older sister Alex works a dead-end job and Sam can’t stay awake for school. They’re unable to confront each other about their feelings toward their situation, instead choosing to isolate. Together, they realize, it is the only way they can accept their emotions and move forward.

Directed By Elias Ochoa

She’s A Rainbow 03:17
2020 – 2021

Lina, a teenage girl at Croqueta Central, lives in a topsy-turvy reality where she is unlike most other boys and girls–she is straight. When Lina receives a romantic message from Sky, an anonymous straight boy at the school, she will be forced to confront her family and classmates in order to save the spring dance and live her truth.

Directed By Leila Alvaredo

Viva La Revolution 02:59
2019 – 2020

A passionate group of rebels decide that they must overthrow the president… of their high school.

Directed By Savannah Moore

A-N-N-A 00:31
2018 – 2019

In this romantic comedy an awkward teenage boy takes great and often embarrassing measures to catch the attention of a girl in a library, but must avoid being thrown out by the strict librarian.

Directed By Julio Medina

El Novio 02:58
2017 – 2018

A girl with a massive ego, goes on a date with a suave guy who gets scared off.

Directed By Zane Ortega

Heart Strings 02:01
2017 – 2018

A woman in a toxic relationship is set free.

Directed By Marysleisis Buitrago

Hush Little Baby 02:16
2017 – 2018

A mother, a baby, an intruder inside a medical clinic, “What could go wrong?”

Directed By Daliana Tabares

Skin Deep 02:06
2017 – 2018

Skin Deep tells a story of a young girl in high school named Roxanne, who struggles with low self-esteem. The way she feels about herself slowly interrupts her thoughts, friendships and appearance.

Directed By Alexa Perdomo

The Production 04:21
2016 – 2017

Joel is a little stern when bad stuff happens. For example, his last film tanked and he has the studio behind him for his next Big one. But no matter the challenge, he is very ambitious on making a successful film.

Directed By Cristina Sotomayor

The Outcast 02:57
2014 – 2015

When Alex undergoes surgery, his life is shaken by a mysterious condition. As he comes back to reality, life as he knew it is thrown off balance. He doesn’t understand why he is being rejected by his peers.

Directed By Raul Hernandez

Sorry Brah 05:04
2013 – 2014

Chris is a normal teenager trying to survive the ins and outs of high school. One day, an innocent encounter with Mike, the school bully, turns into a major misunderstanding. Now, Chris and his friend will have to think, talk, hide, and run their way out of this very strange day.

Directed By Christian Abreu

The PURR 03:14
2011 – 2012

Mickey and Jesse are business rivals in the competitive world of music entertainment. But Mickey has an ace up his sleeve and her name is Cleo, a singer with the voice of an angel. Mickey names his club, The Purr, after her because everyone says her voice “purrs” with emotion. Jesse, however, comes with an offer Cleo may not be able to resist. What will happen to Mickey and The Purr if Cleo leaves? That answer emerges from a very unexpected source.

Directed By Gabrielle Ibanez

The Big Break 02:11
2009 – 2010

An intricate tale of deceit and ambition, “The Big Break” gracefully leads viewers through the mist of its overwhelming performances to an inexplicably cryptic climax.

Directed By Carlos Bonachea

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