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Hello everyone!

Hope all of you are having a productive 2016! FFI sure has been busy with our current programming schedule! In addition, since our last newsletter there have been some fantastic developments within our organization. All of the wonderful news is detailed in this email but first I will give you some of the highlights!

At the moment we have 4 short film projects in development, 3 of the films are being produced within our ongoing after-school program and the other film is being produced during our in-school CINEMA program. It has been very challenging coordinating all of the classes/schedules with our instructors but it has also been extremely exciting and a lot of fun to work with students that truly love the art of filmmaking. All of the stories that have been written this year are all unique and quite different from each other. From conception of an idea to the end result of filming and then editing, these high school teens have really impressed my staff and I!

All of us at FFI are very much looking forward to the remaining filming days and also the post production process at each of our sites. We are extremely proud of the students who are creating such terrific work thus far. It will be amazing to see the films on the big screen at our annual CINEMA screening, scheduled for late May.

While we have been so focused on our current programming we still give much credit to our past film projects and the filmmakers associated with each one! There has been a lot of well-deserved recognition lately for our students and a few of our films have continued to be accepted into many local, national and international film festivals! Also, there have been accolades given to an FFI instructor and also a former CINEMA student!

Please see below for much more info and, of course, thanks to all of you for your continued support!

2016 FFI Summer Film Camp

The Florida Film Institute (FFI) is excited to announce a summer partnership for the sixth year with the Coral Gables Cinemateque (CGC). CINEMA, a film education summer camp will be held at the CGC's Coral Gables Art Cinema, located at 260 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables, from June 13 to July 21, 2016. Up to 25 high school students are invited to attend the workshops that meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. There will be three field trips which will take place during the camp sessions (on selected Thursdays). The total camp fee is available at a reduced rate of $695 plus a $50 non-refundable registration fee is required for the 6 weeks. FFI is able to offer this discounted fee to each participant because of the generosity of from the Miami Dade County Cultural Affairs Council, Summer Arts & Science Camps for Kids (SAS-C) grant, The Children's Trust, The State of Florida and others. This year we have a limited amount of full and partial scholarships available for students in need of financial assistance. The scholarships are available for Dade County residents only.

For more details on the scholarships and registration visit us online!

After School Program Update

Booker T. Washington Senior High School, Miami Beach Senior High School & Young Men's Preparatory Academy are all currently in post production for their narrative film projects. The scripts were written, actors rehearsed and the crews prepared for their big production days! All of the students are now working on their post production/editing tasks. YMPA filmed their project on 2/27, MBSHS filmed on 3/5 and BTWHS film date TBA. The narrative portion of the after school program is the 2nd of 3 blocks scheduled for the full school year- the 3rd and final block content and schedule will be announced soon!

In School Program Update

Miami Lakes Educational Center is our only in-school program taking place this school year. Currently, the students at MLEC are learning about all of the filmmaking elements needed to make their short film: camera, lighting, editing, directing, sound and scriptwriting. The story has been chosen and the writers almost done completing the final draft of the script. The cast auditions and first rehearsals have taken place and everyone on the crew is now working on the pre-production tasks. MLEC is scheduled to film their project on 4/8.



COUNTDOWN (FFI 2015 summer film camp project)
Official Entry: 2016 Bonita Springs Intl. Film Festival
Official Entry: 2016 DC Independent Film Festival

MATCH.KOM (MBSHS, 2014-2015 school year)
Official Entry: 2015 International Family Fun Festival
Official Entry: 2015 Los Angeles CineFest!
Official Entry: 2016 Miami Independent Film Festival
Official Entry: 2016 Bonita Springs Intl. Film Festival
Official Entry: 2016 KIDS FIRST! Film festival
Honorable Mention: 2015 Fort Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival, High School Video Competition

UNDERGROUND ARTIST (JFSHS, 2014-2015 school year)
Honorable Mention: 2015 Fort Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival, High School Video Competition
Official Entry: 2016 Miami Independent Film Festival
Official Entry: 2016 Bonita Springs Intl. Film Festival

SILENCE (SDSHS, 2012-2013 school year)
Official Entry: 13th edition of We Care Film Festival, which focuses on disability issues. This festival is located in New Delhi!

Congrats to all of the filmmakers!

2015 TCT ANNUAL Report

We are so honored to know that FFI has been showcased
in The Children's Trust 2015 Annual Report!

Click HERE and check out pages 16 and 17!

Giovanni Fabietti, Director & Producer

Giovanni Fabietti

I had four mentors as a young filmmaker, a small crowd source of practical knowledge in camera work, lighting, editing and directing. This knowledge was inherited from the fledgling Cuban color television industry and revolutionary documentary filmmakers of the 1950's. Having worked in a developing Latin-American film community, my skill range has broadened with experience in 16 & 35mm film, laboratory administration, videography, film & digital editing, directing, and more unique disciplines including time laps work and high speed to aerial cinematography. My ability to bring together the right crew, and execute with on time delivery, has kept me in the film industry for over 35 years.

Arturo Sande

Arturo Sande, Writer & Producer

Congratulations to our very own, Arturo Sande, for being presented a special award from the crew on his documentary "I Am Like You." We couldn't agree more about what the award represents: professional dedication, patience and filmmaking knowledge! Great job Arturo!

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT, Mattias Martinez
Silver Knight Award Nomination

Special congratulations to former FFI/CINEMA student from South Miami Senior High School, Mattias Martinez, who has been nominated for the prestigious Silver Knight Award! Mattias was the lead writer and also Director for the film "SIMPLE STEPS."

"Of all the things I've done and volunteered for, "Simple Steps" was the most noteworthy for myself and for all involved. The entire production process of "Simple Steps" affected and challenged my peers and myself. Our experiences may not relate to what other nominees may have gone through in other nomination areas that, in our society, are seen as more important. What we did do is hopefully keep the world a little bit saner through art, if on a very small scale."

— Mattias Martinez
Silver Knight

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Thank you for your continued support!

I want to send a special thanks to the wonderful organizations that provide us with the funding we need to operate, they are the real heart of our Institute. With their help we are able to create an increased educational awareness in hundreds of students a year, many of whom would never get the kind of life altering experience that our programs bring to them.

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