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  Announcement May / June 2011  

Florida Film Institute in partnership with the Coral Gables Art Cinema would like to invite you to the 2010-2011 CINEMA Program screenings on Saturday, June 4th from 11am- 1:30pm at The Coral Gables Arts Cinema. This is a great opportunity for the filmmakers and the public to see the films that were created through FFI's award-winning film program.

The six schools that we will be showcasing are Robert Morgan Educational Center, Felix Varela Senior High School, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High School, South Miami Senior High School, Booker T. Washington High School and Turner Technical Arts High School.

Please RSVP to meagan@flfilminstitute.org if you will be able to attend this FREE event! The Coral Gables Arts Cinema is located at 260 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL, 33134.

Director: Alexis Rancel
Robert Morgan Educational Center HS

A young aspiring news reporter, Julia Hart, is accustomed to her unusual hours at work. Along with her best friend and camera operator, Bryan White, she is determined to succeed in the business. It seems to be a typical all-nighter for the two, until a series of unexplained events occur. They are reassured when they discover they are not alone.

Director: Greysi Hernandez
Brooker T. Washington SHS

This film is not a typical high school love story. A boy has a crush on a girl and he thinks the feelings are mutual. However, this girl is playing some mind tricks on him and he becomes obsessed with figuring out how to gain her true love. Will they come together at the end? Enjoy the adventures of this twisted love triangle.

Director: Shania Fair
William H. Turner Technical Arts HS

Bullying and taunting is a huge problem in schools across America. This film is about a high school student who is being bullied by his peers. He has reached his breaking point and decides to do something about the constant abuse. This story will show you how a negative experience can turn into a positive outcome.

Director: Elizabeth Pantaleon
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning HS

In a world where reality T.V. is the hottest rage, the seven cast members of the ever so popular "Miami Waves" show shockingly aren't called back for another season. This Jersey Shore parody is about the characters that are left to fend for themselves in the real world. Can they survive?

photo MEGA-BAD
Director: Michel Llorens
South Miami SHS

A high school nerd denies the fact that he is not cool. With an older brother who left behind a legacy, he attempts to create a story of his own to leave behind before he graduates.

Director: Carlos Julian
Felix Varela SHS

Twins Marc and Jane Austen had the perfect brother sister relationship. But after their parent's death, their relationship takes a turn for the worst. Having had a lifelong dream of becoming a writer one day, she enters the talent show and invites Marc to it, hoping that the piece she has written will finally permit them to move past the strain on their relationship.

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