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  Announcement March 2011  

Stephanie G. Martino

Hello Everyone!

We have great news to share! Two anonymous donors have offered to give us $1,500 each (a total of $3,000!) towards our non-profit organization and CINEMA program! But there is a catch...we have to match their donations by June 1st, 2011! We are very excited that this money will create more film programs for our deserving teenage filmmakers! However, now is the time that we must ask for your help in reaching our fundraising goal! If you could possibly donate a minimum of $10 we would truly appreciate it!

As most of you know, the local and state arts organizations have suffered immensely during this economic downturn. A lot of the arts funding/budgets have been cut or disappeared altogether! While we are so grateful to still be up and running (unlike many other organizations) we have also had to cut much of our own programming. With your donation we could add more workshops to our current CINEMA schools and also continue our Saturday Cinerama and summer programs.

Our CINEMA students love our program! Please help us to continue our mission of educating students in such a creative and unique way!

For more information about FFI and the CINEMA program please visit our website at www.flfilminstitute.org or call 305.891.3456.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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